Caroline is the host of Puppets Place on Parachute  TV. Sunday mornings at 9:30AM PST! Puppets Place is a show for kids and the young at heart! Ages/0-100!

Every week Caroline and Periscope Puppet do a new simple craft together and walk viewers through it step by step.  They also love to sing, dance and cook!  Special guest appearances by adorable 5 year old Cali who crafts along with Caroline & Puppet. 

Lots of fun to be had with silly Periscope Puppet who keeps on disappearing, making messes and eating all the food!  Caroline & Puppet never seem to be in the room at the same time!!!

Caroline Lesley resides in Los Angeles and works in TV, film, voice-over, theater, hosting, comedy & Periscope! She co-founded the first TV channel on Periscope, Parachute TV. Parachute TV won the 2016 DEW Startup Award. She is also the co-creator of Lifestream, a talent network of amazing influencers. Caroline is an active member of the Periscope community. She is the voice of the Periscope Puppet; she created #periday and #charactercast. She also hosts a weekly show on Parachute TV called Puppets Place, which she co-hosts with Periscope Puppet. She is also co-creator/actor of #horrorscope Sundays on Parachute TV.  She was a  speaker and moderator at the Periscope Community Summit in San Francisco and recently spoke on a pane at Digital Hollywood.